Migrate your blog from Ghost(Pro) to Digital ocean

Migrate your blog from Ghost(Pro) to Digital ocean
Photo by Lan Gao / Unsplash

I recently decided to migrate my ghost blog from ghost(pro) subscription to a digital ocean droplet. Primary reasons for the migration were:

1. Inability to modify themes with a basic subscription

2. Limited integrations.

Here are the steps involved in the migration:

Downloading content from Ghost(pro) website

  • Navigate to your Ghost dashboard -> Settings -> Labs
    • Export your content
    • Download current redirects
    • Download current routes.yaml
  • Navigate to your Ghost dashboard -> Settings -> Design
    • Go to Change theme -> Advanced -> Download
  • Navigate to Members -> Settings -> Export all members
  • Send an email to support@ghost.org from your registered email asking for a zip of all the images used in your website.

Creating a droplet on Digital Ocean

  • Create an account and sign in on Digital Ocean
  • Click here and then select 'Create Ghost Droplet'
  • Make sure it says "Ghost latest on Ubuntu XX.xx". If it doesn't say that, you may end up creating a droplet without Ghost.
  • The default droplet configuration works fine for a regular ghost website with a few hundred visitors per day
  • Add your SSH key
  • Do not enable Monitoring unless you choose a bigger droplet -> Adding a monitoring agent will make your website frequently unresponsive, as it is resource intensive.
  • Create the droplet. It will be ready in a minute!

Configuring Domain

  • Click on 'Droplets' on the control panel. Now you can see all your droplets.

  • Go to the settings dropdown menu for your droplet and select 'Add Domain'. Make sure you're setting the domain for the droplet and not for the "Project".

  • Type the name of your website (clearsignal.xyz in my case) and click on 'Add Domain'

  • It should create 4 entries as shown below

  • Navigate to your domain name registrar (Namecheap in my case) and set custom nameservers as mentioned here

Ghost setup on droplet

  • Type the following command: ssh root@{public ip of droplet}
  • Wait till the ghost installation is complete
    • Enter the relevant information when prompted
  • Go to {domainname}/ghost to configure your website.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Labs -> Delete All content
  • Click on Import content. Don't forget to click on the 'import' button after selecting the file.
  • Upload redirects and routes
  • Go to settings -> design -> upload theme . Make sure to rename the theme before uploading.
  • Copy images from the zip emailed to you from ghost support to the droplet. Use the following command:
    scp -pr {Local path to extracted zip from support@ghost.org}/content/images/ root@{Droplet Public ip} : /var/www/ghost/content/images/*

Now you can modify your ghost theme and upload it anytime. Subscription costs came down from 11$/month to 6$/month Affine Augmentations‌