The future is remote!

The future is remote!
Photo by Chris Montgomery / Unsplash
SAAS (Software as a service) is going remote.

Here are 4 reasons why remote jobs are here to stay:

  1. Hiring globally means a massive increase on the supply-side (number of applicants). With the US unemployment levels at their lowest in history, it seems logical for many companies to hire globally.
  2. More competition for the same role increases the probability of hiring a high-quality candidate.
  3. Massive CapEx savings for the company. We still don't have a great tool for brainstorming sessions in my opinion, but for everything else, SAAS tools are pretty effective in mimicking a physical office environment.
  4. Companies like Deel are making it easier to hire globally. Legal and compliance issues are no longer a barrier.
  5. Open-source code culture coupled with a massive rise in online education platforms means the dominance of the prestigious educational institutes is diminishing. No one cares about your degree anymore. The only question is "Can you get the job done ?".

Here are some resources for finding remote jobs:

Hardware companies do not have the choice of remote work. They'll end up opting for a hybrid culture, while in-house software teams maybe allowed to work remotely.